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Flat, A Novel by Neal Rabin

Available for Amazon Purchase June 2024

In Neal Rabin’s newest, action-packed novel, FLAT, Lanning Delaford is torn from his typical routine in 16th Century Spain by a series of comically unfortunate events. Thrown into a swashbuckling adventure he had no intention of taking, Delaford becomes a reluctant explorer. Set at the tail end of the Spanish Inquisition, when seafaring exploration and discovery were THE thing, FLAT follows the intrepid tales of Delaford and his reluctant crew.

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23 Degrees South follows two 23 year-old childhood pals, Hart and Simon, on a twisting, unexpected, adventure of force-fed, self-discovery. The story departs from the tennis courts of Southern California traveling to the back streets of Sao Paulo, through the treacherous jungles of Brazil, then back again. Meet an eclectic collection of characters from a Capoeira Master, to a Jesuit Priest, and a geriatric Nazi, who all weave their way in, out, and around the path of our two heroes.

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