If you are anything like me, I have about thirty seconds to grab your attention and invite you to read this blog. Over the next few months, I will share my journey of sixteen years as the CEO of Miramar Systems, a successful global technology company formerly located in Santa Barbara, California. Over the course of my run, Miramar ranged in size from two founders to four hundred people located around the world.  I found myself overseeing much more than simply a ‘business.’

Barefoot in the Boardroom will be a collection of personal stories, quotes, illustrations, and wisdoms gathered from contemporary and ancient sources that allowed me to build my confidence and effectively communicate and convey the visions and goals of the company in a way that people could feel wildly enthusiastic, professionally motivated, and inspired to achieve.

Barefoot in the Boardroom invites you to follow the shifting currents of the Miramar company story through a dozen memorable meetings that mattered along its path of birth, explosive growth, maturity, near death, rebirth, and, finally, acquisition by Computer Associates, a goliath technology company. Welcome!